New ubuntu system setup steps

I keep my ubuntu system initial setup checklist here in case of future need when I get some new computer to set up. System clone can be tricky when setting up a new machine with different hardware. Build from the ground up is a safer way to do it. It will cost you some time but it always results in a familiar and convenient environment.

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Ubuntu system backup and restore with rsync

From time to time, you may come to a situation of trying to backup the entire system. While searching for an easiest way to do this, I found an easiest solution in Arch Linux wiki. I never thought that it was going to be that much simple. I copied my entire root (/) tree incrementally with Rsync using a single line command everytime I want to backup my system. While there there so many tools to backup your systems, I find this method super easy and convenient, at least to me. Also, this method is way better than disk cloning with dd command. Because It doesn’t matter if your hard drive is different size, or use different filesystem. This method will work on almost all Linux systems that have rsync installed.

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A private web document server can bring great convenience in the process of cooperating with your workgroup members. In order to do that, setting up a web server in your local network will be a good way. I have set up a server using docker-ce to host onlyoffice and nextcloud, the process list as following instructions.

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